The iPad

Steve Jobs

This person is Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Computers.  The object that he is holding is an iPad that was released in April, 2010.  Since then the company has sold over 1.5 million a month!  This man, in my opinion, is a marketing genius. 

People stood in line at stores for days to be one of the first to purchase the iPhone, and the same thing happened with the iPad.

I was a hold off on the iPhone but soon joined the ranks of proud owners.  It is just a marvelous piece of technology and I have really enjoyed all it has to offer.  I will upgrade soon to the iPhone 4G.

I have been holding off on the iPad, but finally gave into the temptation today.  This too is a wonderful invention and I will use it, among other things, to enhance my passion for photography.

I’m still a PC man, and probably will always be, but never say never….