Live Your Passion!

What is your passion?  Mine is simply the passion of loving & living life!
I’m wondering if that’s more prevalent after retirement as in our younger years we seem to be too busy raising children, making money, and being dedicated to our jobs. 

It doesn’t have to be that way though as we don’t have to wait until we retire to live passionately!  Just take time each day to give thanks and absorb the wonder of gratitude.

For a long time my passion was technology and it still is, but photography has taken taken a large place in my heart the past few years.  When you love taking photos you become much more aware of the beauty that surrounds you and life is more pleasurable!

Look at the beauty of this picture taken of Oak Creek in Sedona, Arizona during the summer months.

Oak Creek-Cezanne I 50%And now look at a winter view of almost the same place.
(Click to enlarge.)

It’s the breath taking beauty of this place we call “Earth.”  Beauty is everywhere, and now with the advent of smartphones we have a camera wherever we go!

Take lots of photos, because when you leave this earth those are the memories that you will leave behind!

“Live with passion, in a constant state of joy, and with an attitude of gratitude!”