This Blog is on the roll….

In the past I wasn’t very efficient at posting thoughts here, but that’s changing now as the result of not authoring Cyber News anymore. 

This is even a better way of keeping friends and former Cyber News readers informed as to technology, photography, and other fun things because stuff can be posted at any time rather than just once a month.

The emails have been pouring in with accolades and comments regarding the cancellation of Cyber News and I thank you most humbly!  I have to admit a few of them brought tears.  I’ll try to reply to each one.

Many of you said that “when one door is closed another one will open.”  Well, within hours an opportunity came for me to be a featured photographer on a new International web site.  I am flattered and excited.  I’ll tell you all about it as the project materializes.

Stay tuned my friends……..and enjoy each minute of this day!