The day before the Wedding

This was a fun day. We met David and Paula in downtown Nashville and visited a thousand gift shops. Had to have a t-shirt you know, and of course a visit to Starbucks. We drove to Franklin, 20 minutes south and had lunch with our friends Scott and Leslie Lehman. They moved here from the Quad Cities and he has a most interesting occupation. What a great couple!

Then we went to the wedding sight for the rehearsal and so David could do interviews with the bride and groom for a video production. After that the four of us had a very relaxing dinner.

Franklin is a fabulous town, very quaint, and very nice people. It would be a great place to live!

We've done lots of driving in this large metropolis and I don't know how we would have found anything without the GPS. That, along with the cell phone adds a lot of convenience to life.

Incidentally, I used the GPS to find an Apple store yesterday. Long drive. After not being able to use my phone for two days, I was anxious to hear the verdict. We were met at the door by a friendly young lady who asked if she could help us. I told her that my IPhone was dead. She took it from me, pushed two buttons to reset and it was fixed in 3 seconds. Boy, did I have egg on my face. Don't we all have to be humbled from time to time?