You gotta love life! You know why? Because everyday is an adventure, and that's what we had today. We left the Oklahoma City KOA, which by the way was very nice, and headed for Memphis.

East of Little Rock, Arkansas we stopped for fuel. In some stations it can get awkward with a big rig. There were semi trucks all over the place and to get to the pump I had to make a tight turn. Too tight, as in the turn we heard an explosion. The corner of the RV hit the back window of the truck and we had glass all over the place. We filled up and since we were an hour from Little Rock we had little choice but to make the trip with a lot of noise.

Now you can imagine this gave a whole new meaning to moving down the highway. We had the feeling the RV was coming through the big hole at our back. My co-pilot plugged in "Auto Glass" in the GPS and it took us to Safelite. I had visions of being hostage in Bill Clinton's home town for a week while they ordered the window.

After maneuvering the rig into their small parking lot I walked in the office and told my story to the receptionist. She said "Would you like the plain, the heated version, or the tinted one?" I couldn't believe my ears. I said "Well, the one that I did have was heated and tinted. She said, "You got it." I thought this is going to cost a fortune. The bill was only $174 installed, and we were out of there in an hour. Thank you to the Safelite team! (The are all over the U.S.)

When we arrived in Memphis we again stopped for fuel and would you believe I had to back up and pull forward about 100 times to get out of the spot I was in. By now I'm frustrated and tired after another 9 hours of driving. I'm really looking forward to the Memphis KOA and a glass of wine.

I missed the exit, went 10 miles out of the way to get to our RV Resort arriving 4 minutes before the office closed. Plugged in the water and electricity, went inside and poured that glass of wine. Setting up my computer and monitor I moved the table slightly to plug in a USB cable and spilled the wine all over the place.

We are safe and sound, no one got hurt, we made a memory, and I'll sleep like a baby tonight.

Short drive to Nashville tomorrow.